District Leadership Nominations

by Webmaster, November 10, 2017


Aloha All,

I know we’re barely into the halfway term of our newly elected district officers, but it is that time again to start looking for our next set of leaders.

If you or know of someone who may be interested in furthering their leadership skills by stepping up in to a district leadership role, now’s the time to put their nominations forward.  District Leadership Positions include:  District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Division Director.  These positions are elected positions.

Other positions available which can be appointed by the District Director include:  Area Director, Administration Manager, Finance Manager, and Public Relations Manager.

Deadline to submit your intention to run is December 15, 2017.  Forms required to be completed are available on the international website or you may contact any of the District Leadership Committee (DLC).  Completed forms should also be forwarded to the committee.  The members are:

  1. Elaine Glover            emglover01@gmail.com
  2. Don Glover                glover_don@hotmail.com
  3. Jeff Beard                  jbeard6@hawaii.rr.com
  4. Eliot DeRego             d49eliot@hawaii.rr.com
  5. Ron Mobley               ronmobley@hawaii.rr.com

There are some qualifications required to be met for some positions.  If you are unsure what they are or if you have any questions, please let one of the members know.

Thank you and looking forward to meeting our future leaders.,

DLC Members