Holiday Greetings

by Sharilyn Tanaka, November 18, 2016
Holiday greetings!  May your Holiday season be full of prosperity and happiness!
It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your Program Quality Director.
Recapping the year thus far, I want to extend a big mahalo to everyone; attendees and team members that made all the educational programs and the recent 2016 Fall Conference an amazing success

Thank you Program Quality Director Committees and Teams for your support with educational club officer trainings and supplemental trainings.  Thank you to our Training Program Coordination/Coordinators, Trainer Network, Registration, Evaluation, Logistics/ Site, Sponsorships/Donations and Public Relations/Promotion teams!
Big mahalo to our Conference Chair John Coleman and his team. Thank you all for your trust in each other; your unconditional hundreds of hours, tireless days and nights of preparation and execution.  Success was eminent!
I’m excited to be alongside with you again as we chart our second half of the year.
Sending you my warmest greetings this holiday, Rose

Rose Kirland, Program Quality Director

Rose Kirland, DTM

Program Quality Director

Phone: 808-276-5093