Helen Dora Hyden, Club Growth Director

Club Growth Director 2017-2018

Howdy from Helen!

My Toastmasters journey started in July 2005 as a college student.  Interestingly I joined Polygot at HPU Toastmasters this year 2017, while still attending college, now that I am back home in Hawaii.  One might think that I’m a lifetime college student Toastmaster!

But truly my greatest reward is in helping others achieve their dreams.

As your Club Growth Director, I am excited to join you to go “Beyond Barriers” in our pursuit to become a Distinguished District.

How do we get there?

It takes all of us.  Collaboratively we can reach unimaginable heights.  It starts with each of us.

We ask for your help please.

Here are some things you could help with.

  • Become a Club Growth Committee member
  • Participate in Toastmaster Demo meetings
  • Help build new clubs by becoming a Club Sponsor
  • Serve as a Club Mentor
  • Help rebuild clubs as a Coach
  • “Let the world know” who we are by becoming a Club Growth Ambassador
  • Help with Open Houses and special event planning
  • Join the Marketing and Lead Generation committee

Please call me at 808-840-3391 for more information.

Let’s get started with incentive number 1 to kick off the New Year!


Want to play? For the game board, rules and prizes, email me at d49helen@gmail.com

I am truly honored to serve as your Club Growth Director. You can count on me to be there for you!


Helen Dora Hyden, ACB, CL
Club Growth Director 2017-2018