Dean Masai Club Growth Director

Aloha, District 49 Ohana!

Let us help others learn to go “beyond barriers.”

Do you remember why you joined Toastmasters?   Was it to become better at public speaking?  Millions have joined Toastmasters for that reason.

My barrier was my fear of public speaking.  Little did I know that joining Toastmasters and working its training program would improve both my communication skills and my leadership skills!

Now that I have discovered the effectiveness of Toastmasters, I want everyone to join Toastmasters, go beyond their barriers, and feel the joy of being a confident public speaker and competent leader.

As this year’s Club Growth Director, I have honor to bring Toastmasters to many more people in Hawaii.

To accomplish this goal, I need your help.

If you know of a group of people, an organization, or a company in which Toastmasters can help, please contact me at  The more clubs we start, the more people will experience the self-confidence that good communication and leadership skills bring.

Because it takes a ***team*** to accomplish significant goals, you can help by participating in the Club Growth Team in one or more of these ways:

  • Become a Club Growth Committee member
  • Participate in Toastmaster Demo meetings
  • Help build new clubs by becoming a Club Sponsor
  • Serve as a Club Mentor
  • Help rebuild clubs as a Coach
  • “Let the world know” who we are by becoming a Club Growth Ambassador
  • Help with Open Houses and special event planning
  • Join the Marketing and Lead Generation committee

Let us stretch and go beyond barriers by building clubs and helping others achieve their communication and leadership goals.

The best way to help ourselves is to help others.  Let us do this together.

Dean Masai, DTM
Club Growth Director
District 49 Toastmasters