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Rose Kirland, Program Quality Director


Program Quality Director Rose Kirland, revised 2016 Fall business meeting report.

As Program Quality Director, the first educational training program was for the Club Officer trainings (June 1 through August 31, 2016).  There were 62 of 66 clubs represented at training; a record of 94%.  The breakdown of the 62 clubs represented are:
17 clubs had 7 of 7 club officers trained; 37 clubs had at least 4 (or more) club officers trained; and  8 clubs were represented with less than 4 club officer trained for a total of 62 clubs.
The neighbor island clubs officer trainings were successfully spearheaded by Division and Area Directors, Donna Clayton, Ann Elaine Johnson, Donna Olivas-Kaohi and Tracy Hedgecock.
The 7 of 7 club officers trained clubs were acknowledged and recognized for their achievement at the Friday, October 28, 2016 Fall Conference awards dinner.
Some contributing factors for this year’s record attendance of non-club officers and club officer members were due to the planning and organization from the Program Quality Directors 32 member team.  The success of the events were due to the dedication, commitment and hard work of the team members.
Collectively they planned the events, promoted, and marketed which included an advance preview of the agenda to membership; was involved in an on-going “train the trainers” as well as all the logistics to coordinate the event with all participants including the Refreshment team, handlers, the Trainers, Presenters and World Champion Public Speaker Willie Jones.
Membership feedback, input and communication of educational or training sessions is welcomed and encouraged.  As a result of membership feedback surveys; the educational trainings this term included supplemental educational sessions.  The supplemental educational sessions will continue throughout my term.
Supplement educational sessions, be it week days or weekends;  include Contest Judges Training, Contest Speaker Workshops, Chairing a Speech Contest, Club Growth, Area and Division Directors.
Please mark your calendars for the second round of educational/training.  It is targeted for January and February 2017; the location, date and time to be announced.
Different this year, was participating in the Kapolei Macy’s Fundraiser to offset District educational expenses. Thank you to Kenn Nishihira, Club Growth Director and his committee for participating at store opening.  District finance manager to report the fundraising results.
It has been my honor to be part of this 2016 Fall Conference committee; a conference report to be given at our 2017 spring conference.
This concludes my report. (Revised 11.5.2016)


Rose Kirland, DTM

District 49 Program Quality Director

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