2022 International Speech Contest - Winners of the Division Rounds

Apr-05-2022  | 

Congratulations to the winners of the Division rounds of the International Speech Contest. 

Contestants who placed first or second in each Division qualify to advance to the District Spring Conference Contest.


• 1st Jan Cerizo
• 2nd Sunny Fridge
• 3rd Chris Foster


• 1st Paul John Castillo
• 2nd Martin Alberto Galaviz Lerma


• 1st Arliss Dudley-Cash
• 2nd Lionel Furness


• 1st Joe Peach Graves
• 2nd Ron Soderstrom
• 3rd Dale Rosenfeld

Big thank you to all volunteers to make both contests possible!

Morning - Divisions B and D

Contest Chair  Sherry Imamura-Ryan

Contest Toastmaster  Debra Chong

Chief Judge  Kenoi Kolii

Contestant Virtual Advisor  Charen Kepler

Zoom Host  Kimberly Okamura
Zoom Monitor #1  Elaine Glover
Zoom Monitor #2  Kory Ikeda
Zoom Monitor #3  Patrick Chee
Zoom Greeter  Dean Masai

Sergeant at Arms  Andrea Gill

Timer #1  Sean Cross
Timer #2  Elmer “Bill” Pang

Ballot Counter  Anne Myers
Ballot Counter  Rebecca Kanenaka

Afternoon - Divisions A and C

Contest Chair  Rhodora Orias

Contest Toastmaster  Steff Kawasaki

Chief Judge  Gloria Shishido

Contestant Virtual Advisor  Rose Kirland

Zoom Host  Kory Ikeda
Zoom Monitor #1 Sherry Imamura-Ryan
Zoom Monitor #2  Charen Kepler
Zoom Monitor #3  Patrick Chee
Zoom Greeter  Dean Masai

Timer #1  Royden Koito
Timer #2  Elmer “Bill” Pang

Ballot Counter  Anne Myers
Ballot Counter Leslie Tyson

Morning contests. (Click photo for enlargement)
Afternoon contests. (Click photo for enlargement)
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