District Council

Leadership Reports


From the Desk of the District 49 Director,

This has been a fantastic 2019-2020 Toastmasters year! A lot has been accomplished for our district and our team can move onward to other adventures in communication and leadership.

We had some drawbacks and issues as to how we conducted our District business due to the COVID-19. I had to make an exceedingly difficult and unpopular decision according to some when I cancelled all in person meetings until June 1, 2020. This action was taken to protect our membership from harm and danger.  However, we adapted and overcame and developed new skills using Zoom Communications tools among other communication sources to reach our goals and accomplish our mission. I want to personally thank our membership for standing by our District 49 leadership as we entered one of the most dangerous times in not only Toastmasters history, but the history of our planet. Your support was greatly appreciated!

Where do we currently stand as of May 2020? Let me show you…

  • District Stats per Dashboard as of 5/8/2020
  1. Paid clubs = 59. We need 6 more paid clubs to Distinguished goal.
  2. Payments = 2340. Only 13 more payments to reach Distinguished goal
  3. Distinguished Clubs = 15.  11 clubs more to Distinguished goal

District Progress and News

  • District 49 Annual Conference (May 2020) has been postponed. Advanced attendee payments will be fully refunded to members. TBA –New conference date is pending and will be established when our Conference Committee Team reconvenes soon.
  • Toastmasters International Convention in Paris, France is cancelled. Toastmasters International will advise the districts as to how theWCOP Contest and Annual business meeting will be held.
  • Toastmasters International WHQ. Toastmasters International updates effectuated due to COVID-19 pandemic available at toastmasters.org. I advise all of you to check the COVID-19 updates as policy changes have occurred and most likely will continue to change as the need arises.
  • Please check out the Divisional International Speech Contests which will be held virtually on May 16, 2020. District finals on May 30, 2020. I need to really make mention of our Division Directors who took the lead on holding our Annual Speech Contests. All four Division Directors stepped forward and took this project on in an exceptional manner, working as a true team, to provide our membership a fantastic contest. In addition, I will also add the names of Rose Kirland and Nelson Nakagawa to the list of members who also stepped up and assisted with the speech contest. Excellent job to all who helped with the contest!

Save the date

May 23, 2020 for Virtual Online District Council Meeting.Notifications were emailed and all District Council should have received their invitations.

  • Toastmasters International communicated rules/guidelines for conducting the virtual meeting.Some important changes are:
    1. Required reports (e.g. PQD, CGD, etc) will be posted to the District website. Please review the officer reports on the website.
    2. District Council members and voting DEC can email administrative manager Kenoilani Kolii and District Director questions, if any, regarding the reports.
    3. Election voting will be conducted via ElectionBuddy platform. Posted on District website is candidate showcase, video interview links, candidates’ biographies

Thank you all for supporting your 2019-2020 leadership for District 49. You have been a wonderful group to work for and with and I thank you all for providing me the opportunity to serve you!

Mahalo Nui Loa,

John Coleman

Program Quality Director Report for District Council Meeting on May 23, 2020

Distinguished Clubs:

    1. As of May1st–11 clubs are Distinguished,
    2. There is currently a PQD Challenge for this
  • Pathways Adoption Rate:
    1. As of May1st– 29 clubs are 80% or higher
    2. There is currently a PQD Challenge for this
  • Club Officers Training:
    1. Round 1: There are 63 Clubs, and 56 clubs had 4 or more club officers trained, and 16 of those clubs had 7-of-7 clubs officers trained
    2. Round 2: There are 63 Clubs, and 53 clubs had 4 or more club officers trained, and 14 of those clubs had 7-of-7 clubs officers trained
  • Area Director Visits:
    1. Round 1:58 reports received out of 63.
    2. Round 2: As of May 1st– 33 reports received out of 63. Reports are not due until May 31 to Toastmasters International Headquarters (T.I.H.)
  • Learning Labs:
    1. There were 3 Learning Labs:
      • 9/4/2019 – Club Coaches/Sponsors/Mentors @ CPB Training Room
      • 3/14/2020 – Train the Trainer @ CPB Training Room
      • 4/11/2020 – Road to Pathways DTM (Virtual)
  • Speech Contest:
    1. Area Contest was on Feb 29 @ CPB Training Room
    2. Division Contest set for May 16 (Virtual)
    3. District Contest set for May 30 (Virtual)
      • All reports and videos must be sent to T.I.H. by June 6
  • District Conference
    1. Postponed due to COVID 19
  • Youth Leadership Program
    1. Campbell High School (Mark Cooper member of Phoenix Rising Kapolei)
      • 3Q 2019, Graduated 15 students
      • 4Q 2019, Graduated 11students
      • 1Q 2020, Graduated 10students
    2. Dreamhouse Chartered School at Ewa Beach (Sherry Imamura-Ryan member of Pineapple Country)
      • 1Q 2020, Not finish due to COVID 19
    3. Aliamanu Middle School (Rhodora and Dan Orias of Pineapple Country)
      • 3Q 2019-1Q 2020, Graduated 11 students

Club Growth Director Report

District 49 – District Council,

As of May 9, 2020 the District Performance dashboard shows 59 paid clubs out of a base of 64 clubs. We’ve chartered one new club to date, Pearl Harbor Toastmasters, and we have three prospective clubs which have, at a minimum, turned in an application to organize. In addition to these clubs and prospective clubs, we have warm leads for a new club on Hawai’i Island, and three clubs on ‘Oahu. Our minimum goal for the year of Distinguished District is a net growth of one club for a total of 65 paid clubs.

Following the emergency declarations and stay-at-home orders as a result of COVID-19 our organization has transformed itself to continue to provide leadership and communication experience for the members. Although our number of paid clubs has gone down as of the April closing, we do expect to regain a majority of those clubs as our current restrictions ease. Members will continue to have access to Pathways until June 30, 2020 regardless of payment status, but make your payment when able.

Our base membership payments for the year is 2,318 with 2,353 payments required for Distinguished District status. We have recorded 2,340 membership payments to date, of which 455 are new or charter members. We are just 13 payments short of the distinguished goal. If every Area signed up just one new, dual, or reinstated member we’d meet that goal — that’s how close we are.

Another way to view this is to look at clubs that have enough Distinguished Club Program (DCP) points to be Distinguished or better and the number of members needed to meet their membership prerequisite. We have 18 clubs which have earned five or more DCP points but are short of the membership prerequisite of 20 members or a net growth of five members, whichever is less. If they were all to meet their membership goal by June 30 we’d add 84 membership payments to our current amount and be just ten payments short of the President’s Distinguished goal. We’d also become a Select Distinguished District for Distinguished Clubs

Thank you to our entire District Executive Committee for supporting our member clubs in achieving excellence and to all of our Club Leaders for your efforts in providing a supportive and positive learning experience for the member. Without all of your hard work we would not be as successful as we have been and will continue to be.

Kory Ikeda
Club Growth Director, District 49

PRM Report 05/23/2020 District Council Virtual Business Meeting


As the district’s public relations manager (PRM), responsible for coordinating an active public relations and publicity program in the district. By establishing and maintaining lines of communication between the district and its clubs, as well as between the district and the public, work to increase awareness of Toastmasters through local news media and social media. Also responsible for training the club VPPRs in the district.

Since 9/27/2020 District Council meeting to date PRM and PRM team are/is/has/have:

  1. Share with membership the importance to Protect the Toastmasters brand
  2. Utilize the PR tools and resources available to District
  3. Work with District Director and key leadership team regarding the current District objectives and tactics to reach its goals.
  4. Update website and social media with the publicity calendar – when and how to promote Toastmasters.
  5. To identify vehicles and tools to use to attract and connect with internal and external audiences.
  6. Communicate Toastmasterskey messages via District news releases, District newsletter, website, social media, emails and speaking to members, potential members and journalists.
  7. Trainers at District club officers training rounds 1 and 2
  8. Updates membership of District statistical data – Toastmasters International dashboard
  9. Actively assist Key 3 with membership and educational drives – Talk Up Toastmasters, Beat the Clock, Flying high 5 DCP, Distinguished Clubs, Pathways – fulfilling the District mission.
  10. Promoted the Rotary Toastmasters Alliance partnership with District Speakers Bureau speakers and members.  Promote District Speakers Bureau to public and internal audiences.
  11. Assist District with Board of Directors changes caused by COVID-19 pandemic, including virtual online Toastmasters activities—e.g. Zoom link scheduling, publicity (internal and external) club zoom meetings
  12. Publicize membership achievements—club DCP, club anniversaries, club distinguished, member spotlight and Outstanding Club Toastmaster of the Year 2019-2020
  13. Promotion of Virtual events – DEC meetings, Division International Speech Contests virtually, District Council Meeting, District Final Speech Contest virtual, club Zoom online meetings/Open Houses

The coordinating of this term 2019-2020 active public relations and publicity program in the district could not have been possible if not for dynamic, committed, dedicated people – PRM team, District Leadership (DEC)and members.

Thank you for all you do —PRM team:Aiko Hemingway (video producer), George Carroll III (Facebook), Eric Fletcher (instagram), Carole Wiedmeyer (writer), Karen Spangler (writer), Jenny Delos Santos (media), Kyle Nishioka (website) and Tricia Evans (clubs), District 49 DEC and members.

Thank you!

Working together, we kept the lines of communication between the district and its clubs, as well as between the district and the public, open and transparent which increased awareness of Toastmasters, its benefits and values.

Respectfully submitted, May 8, 2020

Rose Kirland, DTM, PDD

Public Relations Manager 2019-2020


Attachments for District Council Meeting.

1-District Council Meeting Notification

2-Proposed Agenda

3-Draft Mtg Mins 9.27.2019

4-MidYear Audit

5-Club Alignment 2020-2021