Communication and Leadership Award Recipients

Each year, District 49 recognizes and honors a special individual with the Communication and Leadership award for excellence in communication and leadership in the Hawaii community. Here is a list of past recipients of this honor.
Year Awardee
2018Suzanne Young
2016Sheryl Turbeville
2014 Paula Akana
2013Jose Villa
2012Nip Ho
2011Howard Dicus
2010Henry Kapono Ka’aihue
2009Linda Coble
2008Clarence Lee
2007Tom Moffat
2006Linda Lingle (also awarded from the Region 2)
2005June Jones
2004Carole Kai
2003Frank DeLima
2002Emme Tomimbang
2001Leslie Wilcox
2000Robin Campaniano
1999Pastor Wayne Cordero
1998Catherine Payne
1997Keith A. Long, Lea Albert
1996Larry Price
1995Captain Gerald L. Coffee
1994Reverend Paul S. Osumi
1993Wally Amos, Dr. Michael J. Chun
1992Warren H. Haruki
1990Larry Johnson
1989Al Zane
1988Ron Mobley (Special Toastmaster Award)
1987Al Harrington
1986Michael W. Perry
1985Joe Moore
1984Walter A. Dods, Jr.
1983Bob Sevey
1982Doug Carlson
1980Captain Thomas J. McKeown, Jr.
1978Danny Kaleikini
1977Barbara Tanabe
1976Major General Harry W. Brooks, Jr.


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