Speech Tips from Mrs. T

By Joy Turbeville, 
Two-time District 49 Evaluation Speech Champion

Have you ever wondered how you can accelerate your mastery of public speaking? Observing others is important, and your experiments with small audiences are, too. These methods, however, can take years of trial and error. One of the fastest ways to improve is to learn the lay of the land from an experienced Toastmaster.

Joy Turbeville has created a series of short videos that address basic problems faced by novices. Some of her lessons include insights that experienced speakers use intuitively but find difficult to explain to beginners.

Joy teaches a speech and debate class at Moanalua High School and volunteers her time after school as head coach of the school’s Speech and Debate Team. She has also coached middle school students, leading the team at Kawananakoa Middle School from 2014 to 2019. (Click here for a heartwarming description of their triumph over adversity in the Hawaii Speech League Middle School Division.)

Joy, a member of Kamehameha Toastmasters since 2007, joined the District 49 Club Growth Team in 2020 and is assisting with Club Quality and Club Retention. Since she is a two-time District 49 Evaluation Speech Contest winner, clubs frequently invite her to present workshops. If your club would benefit from a refresher, you can reach her by email.

Joy Turbeville
Impromptu Speaking

Table Topics from Mrs. T

Do Table Topics questions make you freeze in your tracks? Walk through a few examples with Joy Turbeville and you will feel better prepared to deliver short, impromptu speeches.
Vocal Skills – Lesson 1

Public Speaking Basics: Volume Matters

Joy describes how to project your voice more effectively and consistently.
The MOST BASIC LESSON (or reminder) for all speakers

Public Speaking Basics: Managing Stage Fright

This video provides you with nine strategies to overcome stage fright. It is meant for beginners, but it provides a good review for experienced speakers.
Vocal Skills – Lesson 2

Public Speaking Basics: Mastering Timing

This is a step-by-step lesson about pacing, pausing, and fluency.
Vocal Skills – Lesson 4

Public Speaking Basics: Speaking Clearly

If your vowels and consonants sometimes lack clarity, this video will help you form beneficial habits.
Vocal Skills – Lesson 3

Public Speaking Basics: Pitch and Vocal Quality

Variations in pitch and vocal quality can help speakers immensely. Here are a few fundamentals.
Vocal Skills – Lesson 5

Public Speaking Basics: Adding Vocal Variety

Learn how to juggle projection, pace, pitch, and pausing in this primer about keeping your delivery fresh.
Body Language – Lesson 1

Public Speaking Basics: Stage Presence and Posture

This video provides public speaking tips regarding how to improve your posture and stage presence. It provides specific guidance on using body language to project a more confident demeanor.
Body Language – Lesson 2

Public Speaking Basics: Eye Contact

This video presents five public speaking tips regarding eye contact.
Body Language – Lesson 3

Public Speaking Basics: Facial Expression and Body Language

This video provides public speaking tips about general body language and developing facial expression.
Body Language - Lesson 4

Public Speaking Basics: Gestures

This video offers public speaking tips regarding gestures. It is meant for beginners, but also provides a good review for experienced speakers.
Body Language - Lesson 5

Public Speaking Basics: Stage Movement

This video provides public speaking tips about how to break up a room or stage effectively. It helps presenters understand how stage positions can help listeners understand ideas more clearly and see the speaker more fully.
Screen Presence Tips for Speakers

How to Develop SCREEN PRESENCE: An Invitation to Zoom with D49

Is your club looking for a fresh, new look for its website? One item you could feature is a video welcome message. If you’d like a little coaching, check this video for tips on how to enhance your performance.
Screen Presence Tips for Speakers

How to Develop SCREEN PRESENCE: Virtual Job Interviews that Shine

Are you thinking of applying for a new job or know someone looking for fresh opportunities? Even before the pandemic, many applicants faced virtual job interviews. As time goes on, it will become more and more common. This video, produced by speech coach, Joy Turbeville, will help give you a sharper, competitive, Toastmaster edge.
Last modified: September 3, 2020
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