Toastmasters International Presidential Citations

Seven members of District 49 have been awarded by the presidents of Toastmasters International with Presidential Citations, recognizing their outstanding service to the organization.
Date Recipient Presented by
August 2016 Gloria Shishido, DTM / PID 2014-2016, DG 2006-2007 International President Mike Storkey
August 2009 Mercedes Balli, DTM / DG 2003-2004 International President Jana Barnhill
August 2006 Timothy R. Keck, DTM / DG 1989-90 / ID 1992-94 / IP 1999-2000 International President Dilip Abeyasekara
August 2001 Ron Mobley, DTM / DG 1986-87 International President JoAnna McWilliams
August 1979 Dr. Rex J. Parker, DTM / DG 1958-59 International President Hubert E Dobson
August 2000 Betty Ann Keala, DTM / DG 1984-85 International President Tim Keck
August 1997 James A. Jones, DTM International President Robert Barnhill
August 1986 Remy Riborozo, DTM / DG 1981-82 International President Helen Blanchard


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