District 49 Protocol List

The District Protocol List is used to introduce dignitaries at all district sponsored events as well as Division and Area Contests. Dignitaries are introduced at the beginning of a function. A late-arriving dignitary may be introduced, but only if it does not interrupt the flow of the event, otherwise they may be introduced at the end of the event during acknowledgments.

Toastmasters Year 2020 - 2021

  Visiting Non-Toastmaster Dignitaries  
  Religious dignitaries, in order of rank  
  Political dignitaries, in order of rank  
  Civic Leaders  
  Toastmasters International Dignitaries  
  International President Richard E. Peck, DTM
  International President Elect Margaret Page, DTM
  First Vice President Matt Kinsey, DTM
  Second Vice President Morag Mathieson, DTM
  Immediate Past International President Deepak Menon, DTM
  CEO of Toastmasters International Daniel Rex
  International Director for Region 2 Karen Lucas, DTM
  Region Advisor for Region 2 Jessica Allen, DTM
  District 49 Executive Committee  
  District Director Sepiuta Holakeituai, DTM
  Program Quality Director Kory Ikeda, ACB, ALB
  Club Growth Director Gerald Toyomura, DTM
  Public Relations Manager, Webmaster Slava Slavik, CC, PM5, PI4
  Administration Manager Caron Lau, DTM
  Finance Manager Shirley Watanabe, DTM
  Division A Director Anastasia Tagayuna, IP5
  Division B Director Aiko Hemingway, DTM
  Division C Director Michael Aviles, LD2
  Division D Director Nicanor Joaquin, DTM
  Area 1 Director Yolanda Recinos
  Area 2 Director
  Area 3 Director Charen Kepler, EC1
  Area 4 Director Wayne Nakamoto, DTM
  Area 5 Director Kenoilani Kolii, DTM
  Area 6 Director Mary Irwin, DTM
  Area 7 Director Mitchell Blocker, DTM
  Area 8 Director Gloria Shishido, DTM
  Area 9 Director  
  Area 10 Director Rhodora Orias, TC3, VC2
  Area 11 Director Brian Lynch, EH5, PI5
  Area 12 Director Keith Olson, IP2
  Area 13 Director Paulette Williams, DTM
  Area 14 Director Mark Komatsu, DTM
  Area 15 Director Danilo Orias, DTM
  Area 16 Director Charles Woolfork, SR4
  District 49 Committee Members  
  District Auditor Joseph Omura, EC4
  District Contest Chair Nelson Nakagawa, ACS, ALS, IP3
  Parliamentarian Raymond Liu, ATMB, CL
  Logistics Manager Wendilee Adkins, ACB, ALB
  Education Chair Sherry Imamura-Ryan, DTM
  Bookstore Chair Jennifer Yamane, ACB, ALS
  Past International President  
  Past International President 1999-2000, Past District Governor 1989-1990 Tim Keck, DTM
  Past International Directors  
  Past International Director 2014-2016, Past District Governor 2006-2007 Gloria Shishido, DTM
  Past International Director 2010-2012, Past District Governor 2007-2008 Kevin Doyle, DTM
  Past District Directors or Governors  
  Immediate Past District Director, 2019-2020, District Leadership Committee Chair John Coleman, DTM
  Past District Director, 2018-2019 Kenn Nishihira, DTM
  Past District Director, 2017-2018, Speakers Bureau Chair Rose Kirland, DTM
  Past District Director, 2016-2017 Caron Lau, DTM
  Past District Director, 2015-2016 Charles Mole Jr, DTM
  Past District Governor, 2014-2015 Eliot DeRego, DTM
  Past District Governor, 2013-2014, Accredited Speaker Robert Cravalho, DTM
  Past District Governor, 2012-2013 Richard Hernandez, DTM
  Past District Governor, 2010-2011 Anne Myers, DTM
  Past District Governor, 2002-2003 Elaine Glover, DTM
  Past District Governor, 2001-2002 Greg Ching, DTM
  Past District Governor, 1997-1998 Jeff Beard, DTM
  Past District Governor, 1994-1995 Paulette Williams, DTM
  Past District Governor, 1986-1987 Ron Mobley, DTM
  Guest of Honor  
  1997 World Champion of Public Speaking Willie Jones, ATM
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