Bring a Friend or Two along on Your Journey


Kory IkedaFellow District 49 Toastmasters and guests, as we seek a bold new horizon and soar with Toastmasters this year, remember to bring a friend or two along on your journey. Toastmasters is not a school or a classroom, it’s a place where members help each other achieve their leadership and communication goals. Think back to why you joined and what growth you’ve seen in yourself. Isn’t that something worth sharing?

At the District Conference this past May I shared that I joined Toastmasters after the constant nagging of my coworkers and friends. Sometimes that extra encouragement is what it takes to build membership and build new clubs. Share the benefits you’ve received from your Toastmasters membership with guests and turn guests into new members. Our members and member successes are the best sources of inspiration and marketing, share them.

Let’s soar with Toastmasters!

If you have leads for new clubs or know someone having difficulty finding a club, please email me at

Kory Ikeda, ACB, ALB
Club Growth Director 2019-2020, Toastmasters District 49