Photo Report from 2019 District Conference

05,13 2019  

The top District 49 event of the 2018-2019 Toastmasters year, the Annual District Conference, took place on the first Saturday in May, 5/4/2019, at Pagoda Hotel in Honolulu.

The conference featured two keynote speakers, Table Topics Speech Contest, International Speech Contest, business meeting with elections of the new district leaders, silent auction and raffle, Toastmasters bookstore, buffet lunch, and endless opportunities for networking and creating new friendships.

District Director Kenn Nishihira, DTM

District Director Kenn Nishihira opens the conference and recognizes district dignitaries and general sponsors.

Wendilee Atkins

Wendilee Atkins introduces corporate sponsor Central Pacific Bank

George Carroll

George Carroll introduces corporate sponsor University of Phoenix

John Coleman

Program Quality Director John Coleman annonces educational achievements of the district.

District 49 Distinguished Toastmasters

District 49 Distinguished Toastmasters. 

Keynote by International Director Joan Lewis

Joan Lewis
Chaize Schmidt
Annabel Chotzen
District 49 Leaders

2019-2020 Elected District Leaders: Program Quality Director Sepiuta Holakeituai, District Director John Coleman, and Club Growth Director Kory Ikeda

Communication and Leadership Award - Augie T, Hawaiian Comedian
Augie T
Augie T

2nd Keynote Speaker Johnny Campbell

2nd Keynote Speaker Johnny Campbell

Table Topics Speech Contest

Contestants: Terry Chodosh, Chris Marzoeki, Harlan Mattos, Danilo Orias, Maureen Gary, Julian Downey, Kathleen Helfrich, Dale Rosenfeld
District 49 - 2019 Table Topics Speech Contest
From Left: Aileen Gravelle - contest Toastmaster, Terry Chodosh, Julian Downey, Kathleen Helfrich, Harlan Mattos, and Dale Rosenfeld
Terry H. Chodosh
1st Place: Terry H. Chodosh
Harlan W. Mattos
2nd Place: Harlan W. Mattos
Kyle Cavalier
3rd Place: Kyle Cavalier

Table Topics Question for all contestants: "What's the most amazing true story you've ever heard?"

International Speech Contest

Contestants: Daniela Fournier, Chris Marzoeki, Karen Spangler, Danilo Orias, Emily To, Kyle Cavalier, Charles Woolfork, Wen He
District 49 - 2019 International Speech Contest
From left, front row: Kyle Cavalier, Charles Woolfork; back row: Daniela Fournier, Wen He, Chris Marzoeki, Danilo Orias, Karen Spangler, and Emily To.
Emily To
1st Place: Emily To - "Do Your Best”
Daniela Fournier
2nd Place: Daniela Fournier - “The Magic Behind That First Step”
Charles Woolfork
3rd Place: Charles Woolfork - “Wisdom from The Waves”

Video-recording of Emily To's speech has been submitted to the semifinals of the International Speech Contest.

Candid Pictures from the Conference

Rose Kirland

Rose Kirland - conference toastmaster

Eliot DeRego and Elaine Glover - Credentials

Gerald Toyomura and his team (Kyle Buyuan, Becky Kanenaka, Michelle Kwock, Ken Siu, Anastasia Tagayuna, and Emelyn Viloria) in charge of raffle and silent auction. 

Conference badges printed and completed by by Sherry Imamura-Ryan, designed by Slava Slavik.

Registration Assistants - Florie Barry, Rhodora Orias, and ...

Bookstore chair Jennifer Yamane and her assistants Jerome Bautista, Mark Komatsu, and Matt Orias

Contest chair Nelson Nakagawa and contest toastmaster Aileen Gravelle

Photo-booth - Kyle Nishioka

Sound - Kelly Kolii

Media Consultant - Jicky Ferrer

Facilities - Royden Koito and Rick Myers 

Conference Timers - Trevor Lee and Elmer Pang.
(Contest timers were Elaine Glover and Aiko Hemingway - no photography during contest)

Dean Masai - projector setup

More candid photos...

  • Shirley Watanabe - Conference Chair
Big Mahalo to the 2019 Conference Committee

Conference Chair - Shirley Watanabe
Assistant Chairs - Anne Myers, Kenoi Kolii, and Rose Kirland
Conference Toastmaster - Rose Kirland
Conference Timers - Trevor Lee and Elmer “Bill” Pang
Administration Manager - Kory Ikeda
Bookstore Chair - Jennifer Yamane
Bookstore Assistants - Jerome Bautista, Mark Komatsu, and Matt Orias
Program Booklet Chair - Lina Carahasen, Assistant - Rose Suemoto
Contest Chair - Nelson Nakagawa,
Contest Co-Chair - Anne Myers
Contest Toastmaster - Aileen Gravelle
Contest Chief Judge - Wayne Nakamoto
Contest Ballot Counters - Robert Cravalho, Joy Frelinger, and Don Glover
Contest Timers - Elaine Glover, and Aiko Hemingway
Contest Sergeant-at-Arms - Eric Fletcher
Credentials - Eliot DeRego
Education Chair - John Coleman
Facilities Chair - Royden Koito,
Facilities Assistant - Rick Myers
Stage Director - Wendilee Adkins
Stage Assistant - Sean Cross and Sepiuta Holakeituai
Finance Manager - Wendilee Adkins
Logistics Manager - Wayne Nakamoto
Media Consultant - Jicky Ferrer
Parliamentarian - Raymond Liu
Parliamentarian Mentor - Ron Mobley
Photo Booth - Kyle Nishioka
Public Relations Manager and Hospitality Chair - Caron Lau
Webmaster, Photographer - Slava Slavik
Registration Chair - Sherry Imamura-Ryan
Registration Assistants - Florie Barry, and Rhodora Orias
Raffle/Drawing and Silent Auction Chair - Gerald Toyomura
Assistants - Kyle Buyuan, Becky Kanenaka, Michelle Kwock, Ken Siu, Anastasia Tagayuna, and Emelyn Viloria
Sound and Music - Kelly Kolii

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