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Welcome to the 2021 District 49 Conference!

This year we are splitting the event into 7 conference days filled with two fun and informative education sessions, exciting speech contests, captivating keynotes, and acknowledgment of outstanding achievements of District 49 members.

We are honored to welcome the Toastmasters International President Richard E. Peck, DTM who will deliver a keynote on the closing day of the conference (May 8) and answer your questions at the town hall moderated by Gloria Shishido on Thursday (May 6). Richard will also record a podcast episode that will be streamed from our district podcast Be Positive, Be Spontaneous, Have Fun.

Each year, part of the district conference is the District Council Meeting. This year, the meeting will take place on Friday (May 7). We will receive reports from district leaders and elect new leaders for the upcoming Toastmasters year.

We have a truly attractive program and we look forward to seeing you there.

Your 2021 District 49 Conference Committee

Conference Program

Sat 5/1 - Opening, Awards, and Keynote from Robert Cravalho

We will kick off our conference with the Education Awards, Membership Contests, and our bookstore promotion. Robert Cravalho, DTM, PDG, AS will deliver a keynote Are You F.I.T. For Your Voyage? We will also introduce newly chartered clubs and remember members we lost this year.
In the afternoon, speech contest finalists for the Table Topics and International Speech Contests will meet with the contest officials in a closed session. Speech contests will be streamed on Wednesday afternoon at the Speech Contest Watch Party.
9:00 am  Opening and Welcome Notes
9:10 amRemembrance of District 49 Leaders
9:30 amEducational Awards, Triple Crown and Distinguished Clubs
9:50 amMembership Contests and New Chartered Clubs
10:10 amBreak
10:20 amKeynote: Are You F.I.T for Your Voyage by Robert Cravalho, DTM, PDG, AS
10:45 amAcknowledgements and Announcements
11:00 amAdjournment

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Mon 5/3 - EDU1: Life Is a Stage and the Stage Is Yours!

Join us for an exciting and humorous education session. Willie Jones, Rose Kirland, Vicky Ferrer, and Gloria Shishido will hold an interactive training for members who would like to improve their performance.  The group activities will be interactive with valuable coaching tips as well as improvisation exercises.  Everyone will be asked to participate!  The outcomes are that you will be able to take away valuable skills to enhance your club meetings leading to improved retention as well as recruiting new members.  

5:30 PM Welcome Note
5:35 PM Engaging Extreme Activity
by Willie Jones
5:55 PM Extreme Game Voting 1st, 2nd, 3rd
6:00 PM Group Coaching
in three separate breakout rooms
#1 Rose Kirland
#2 Gloria Shishido
#3 Willie Jones
6:00 PM Improvisation and Characterization
by Vicky Ferrer and Company
6:20 PM Engaging Extreme Game - Final Round
by Willie Jones
6:45 PM Second Extreme Game Voting 1st, 2nd, 3rd
6:50 PM Announcements and Closing
7:00 PM Session Adjourned

Detailed program with bios of presenters and registration is here.

Tue 5/4 - EDU2: Thrive in the Virtual Universe

Feeling lost in the Virtual Universe? This interactive fun educational session has some cures! You’ll get the basics and advance techniques to master the online platform.
5:30 PM Welcome Note
5:35 PM Breakout Session 1: Zoom Tools and Tips for Memorable Meetings by Ron Cahoon, Amy Este, Sherry Imamura-Ryan, Rebecca Kanenaka, Dean Masai, Kimberly Okamura, Nelson Nakagawa
Breakout Session 2: Publicity, Promotion, and Marketing for Success Julie Murphy, Janell Carla Williams, Rose Kirland
6:10 PM Break Facilitators will switch in the breakout rooms
6:15 PM Breakout Session 1: Publicity, Promotion, and Marketing for Success
Breakout Session 2: Zoom Tools and Tips for Memorable Meetings
6:50 PM Announcements and Closing
7:00 PM Session Adjourned

Detailed program with bios of presenters and registration is here.

Wed 5/5 - Speech Contest Watch Party

8 finalists in each contest, Table Topics and International Speech Contest, will meet with the contest officials and jury on Saturday May 1 in the afternoon and conduct the contest in a closed session. On Wednesday afternoon, all contest speeches will be streamed to general public. 

The contest results will be announced at the closing day on Saturday May 8.

5:30 pm  Opening and Welcome
5:35 pmTable Topics Speech Contest
6:10 pmInternational Speech Contest
7:25 pmAcknowledgements
7:30 pmAdjournment

Names of all contest finalists, contest officials, and the Watch Party registration is here.

Thu 5/6 - Townhall with International President

District 49 is honored to host Toastmasters International President, Richard E. Peck, DTM and he will be answering questions at a special townhall meeting moderated by Gloria Shishido, PID, DTM.  The President is presented with questions solicited by members via the registration to the event. Deadline to submit your question(s) is April 28, 2021.

5:30 pmWelcome by District Director
5:40 pmTown Hall with the International President Richard E. Peck, DTM
6:25 pmClosing Remarks and Announcements
6:30 pmAdjournment

Register and submit your question(s) here.

Fri 5/7 - Business Meeting

At the business meeting, District Council will elect District Leaders for the 2021 - 2022 year, adopt a new district alignment, receive reports from Key 3 District leaders, Division Directors, Financial Manager and District Auditor, and vote on renaming the District 49 Lifetime Achievement Award as Ron Mobley Lifetime Achievement Award

Registration to the Business Meeting is open, but only District Council Members are able to vote: Club Presidents, Vice Presidents Education, and District Executive Committee members including District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager, Administration Manager,  Division Directors, Area Directors, and Immediate Past District Director.

4:30 PM Credentials
5:30 PM Call to order, Voting Procedures
5:50 PM 2021-2022 Distric Leader Elections
6:20 PM 2021-2022 District Allignment
6:25 PM Reports by District Leaders
7:00 PM New Business
8:00 PM Meeting Adjourned

Meeting Agenda and registration for the District Council Members is here.

Sat 5/8 - Keynote from Richard E. Peck, Awards, and Closing

Closing day of our 2021 District Conference. Toastmasters International President Richard E. Peck will deliver a keynote and we will honor new Distinguished Toastmasters, Triple Crown Awardees and Distinguished clubs. We will also announce the newly elected 2021-2022 district leaders and close with the speech contest results.

9:00 amWelcome Notes
9:10 amKeynote by International President Richard E. Peck, DTM
9:50 amBookstore Presentation
9:55 amBreak
10:10 amEducational Awards - DTMs, Tripple Crown, Distinguished Clubs
10:30 amCorporate Awards Recognitions: Hawaii State Federal Credit Union and Nordic PCL
10:40 amElection Results
10:45 amSpeech Contest Results
11:00 amAcknowledgements and Closing

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Thank you to the District 49 Conference Committee Members, Speakers, and Trainers

Conference ChairKory Ikeda, ACB, ALB, EC1, MS3, PQD
Keynote SpeakersRichard E. Peck, DTM, Toastmasters International President
Robert Cravalho, DTM, AS, PDG, Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker Co-Council Chair 2021
Education ProgramRose Kirland, DTM, PDD; Gloria Shishido, DTM, PID, PDG; Willie Jones, WCPS, EC5, EH1; Vicky Ferrer, DTM, PRA, PDG; Ron Cahoon, DTM; Amy Este, LD4; Sherry Imamura-Ryan, DTM; Rebecca Kanenaka, DTM, Dean Masai, DTM; Kimberly Okamura, CC, ALB; Julie Murphy, DTM; Janell Carla Williams, DTM
Contest ChairNelson Nakagawa, ACS, ALS, IP3
CredentialsCharles Mole, DTM
Bookstore ChairJennifer Yamane, ACB, ALS
Committee MembersAnne Myers, DTM; Dominick Yamashita-Potts; Elaine Glover, DTM; Hope Williams; Royden Koito, LD1; Elmer "Bill" Pang
Online Program and RegistrationsSlava Slavik, CC, PM5, PI4; Joy Turbeville, ACS, EC1
Most Visited
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We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.
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We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.
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