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Feb-01-2021  | 

Need Help? Add New Members!

Talk Up Toastmasters is an annual membership drive sponsored by Toastmasters International, where the clubs and members are encouraged to gain 5 more members in the two-month period between February 1st and March 31st.  Awarded clubs will get Talk Up Toastmasters Award Ribbon and 10% discount for the next club purchase at the TI online store.

See the awardees from past years here.

Talk up toastmasters

Many Toastmasters Districts offer additional incentives and that’s the case with Hawaii’s District 49. In 2021, we are sending a $25 TI gift certificate to the first 10 clubs who get Talk Up Toastmasters Award.

Make Your Life Easier and Re-Energize Your Club

If the club has more members, club officers can spread the work around.  The club will also benefit from the new energy brought by members joining in the middle of the Toastmasters year.  With newly scheduled icebreakers, meetings become more fun.

Gain the Experience

The most important outcome is that actively participating members who recruit new members gain valuable experience being able to talk to somebody, explain the benefits of Toastmasters, and help them join for their benefit. Selling skills are of most important professional skills that can be utilized in different areas of a career regardless the endeavor the member would like to do.

Typical Questions

Q: I’m just a regular member.  What’s in this campaign for me?  Isn’t it just for the club officers?
A: Maintaining and growing club membership is a responsibility of all club members.  Besides better learning experience that usually comes with plentiful participation club members who can introduce the idea of Toastmasters to a newbie and help them become a member get invaluable interpersonal communication skills.

Q: Why is this campaign timed in February and March.
A: When you are working on any project it is always good practice to set a clear goal with firm timing when you like to have this thing done.  Two months is appropriate period for this campaign.  It is also deliberately timed right before the next membership renewing period at the end of the March. The District will two payment credits for every new member joining before March.

Gerald Toyomura DTM
Gerald Toyomura, DTM, 2020 - 2021 Club Growth Director

We encourage all members to participate. If you have any questions, please contact current Club Growth Director at [email protected].

By Gerald Toyomura, DTM, 2020 - 2021 Club Growth Director

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