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District 49 Newsletter

April 2021

Spring is here!
Published on Wednesday 14th April 2021

District Director's Message

Mālōl ‘e lelei my fellow Toastmasters!

Spring is here!  As the flowers in our yards begin to blossom, let us also reflect on our goals and blossom as leaders, speakers, better Toastmasters members, family members, and community members.  Also, a big mahalo to all the clubs that participated in the 8 is Great Campaign.  Please check out our Facebook page for the many prizes that we awarded during this campaign.  Let’s keep growing membership-wise as well as with our personal goals.

Sepiuta Holakeituai, DTM, District Director 2020 - 2021
[email protected]

Congratulations to our newest Chartered club, the Spanish English Bilingual Club! 

Join the Spanish English Bilingual Club on the last Saturday of every month.  Email [email protected] for more information.

Are You in the Groove?

Our International President Richard E. Peck, DTM, has asked, “Are you in the groove?”  Read his article about what you can do to maintain direction, and cross the finish line strong.

Article: Are You in the Groove?

District 49 Performance - Status Check to Distinguished (As of April 14, 2021)

Paid Clubs: Currently 63, the goal is 66 (Decrease of 1 since March)

Payments: Currently 2110, the goal is 2,551 (Increase of 612 since March)

Distinguished Clubs: Currently 7, the goal is 26 (Increase of 7 since March.)**

**A required number of members are needed to meet this goal (20 or an increase of 5 over the previous year).

We Remember Carl Richard Fassler.

On March 15, we were informed of the passing of DBEDT for Business Toastmasters Club charter member C. Richard Fassler.  Dean Masai knew Richard very well and posted about his passing on our Facebook page.  Dean explained that Richard was a great speaker, evaluator, willing club officer, and speech contestant.  Please share your memories with us also.  We are truly saddened and we express our deepest condolences to his club, to those who knew him, and to his family.



I hope you all are excited about our District Conference scheduled for May 1st through May 8th!  This is when we get to recognize our members’ and clubs’ achievements throughout the year.  We will also be holding the District speech contest, which is a great event to watch for Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters alike.  Our Townhall meeting with Toastmasters International President Richard E. Peck, DTM, will be informative and give insight into the leadership opportunities Toastmasters offers.  We have already received good questions from the membership and want more, so remember to share those when registering for the event.  Our Finale event will include honoring our new Distinguished Toastmasters and corporate awardees, announcing our speech contest winners and newly elected District leaders, and a keynote given by President Peck.

Kory Ikeda, ACB, ALB, Program Quality Director,
[email protected]

Distinguished Clubs

The dashboard has been updated with the results from the April renewals!  Is your club distinguished or better?  Has your club accomplished five or more Distinguish Club Program Goals but still short of its membership goal?  We have just over two months to get your clubs to distinguished status.  Be on the lookout for new incentives from the District as we support each other in achieving excellence.

Congratulations to our first 7 distinguished clubs!

  • Paradise Hawaii (Presidents Distinguished)
  • Ala Moana Toastmasters (Presidents Distinguished)
  • Nuuanu Toastmasters Club (Select Distinguished)
  • Hawaii Comedy Central Toastmasters (Distinguished)
  • HBM (Distinguished)
  • Transportation Toastmasters Club (Distinguished)
  • Forever Achievers (Distinguished)


Aloha Awesome Talk Up Toastmasters! 

Thank you - Talk Up Toastmasters!

The Talk Up Toastmasters membership program ran from February 1 to March 31.  We had 42 members sign up! Outstanding job everyone!  TI is scheduled to post the official results after April 13.

“8 is Great!”

A Great Mahalo to Rose Kirland, DTM, Anne Myers, DTM, Sherry Imamura-Ryan, DTM, Sepi Holakeituai, DTM, and all those who made “8 is Great!” happen.  2021 is a challenging year, and again in this second half of the Toastmaster year, we went down to less than 50% of our clubs renewing by February 28. However, with everyone’s help, we have come back to only four clubs that have not made it back to “8 is Great!” and in good standings.  Let’s keep working together to get all our clubs back to “8 is Great!”  Let’s keep our Ohana together, bring back all our Toastmasters, and finish this year strong!  We can do it!  We are Toastmasters!

Stressed Out? Burnt Out? Zoomed Out?

Toastmasters hears you!   Listen to the important conversation that took place between Toastmasters and the American Psychological Association. Watch a panel of psychologists and global Toastmasters leaders as they discuss how to build resilience in times of uncertainty and recommend ways to address what so many are experiencing—burnout, loneliness, and stress. The panelists will also talk through how to navigate those feelings with evidence-based strategies and tips for finding work/life balance, maintaining mechanisms for camaraderie and community, and how best to practice self-care and gratitude.

Sign up and listen to the webinar here!

  • Be resilient and renew your Toastmasters membership!
  • Reconnect, Reframe, and Rejuvenate!
  • Connect with other Toastmasters and see how they are overcoming and Building a Better You!

“Hana Hou!”

We can make our District Distinguished again! 

We need: 

1 – 66 Paid Clubs.  We need two more new clubs and not lose any clubs. (One more club on the way!)
2 – 2,551 Payments (New or renewed memberships).  We need 589 new or renewed memberships (580 up from last month!)
3 – 26 Distinguished Clubs with the required number of members.

We need 12 more clubs with 20+ members or 5+ members from their base members.

We can do it!  See what you can do in your club to make this happen!

Build Up Your Club Membership

We are on a journey and made “8 is Great!”  Now we are going into the final stretch of the year to make our “8 is Great!” clubs into Distinguished Clubs with 20+ club members strong or 5+ members from your base membership at the beginning of the year.  Keep steadfast in Building a Better you!

Recognize your Leaders!

Submit the names and accomplishments members in your club have achieved this year to District 49 CGD at [email protected].  Mahalo!

District 49 Membership Leader Awards

To recognize and encourage people to be leaders in Toastmasters.

Awarded at the end of the year.  Clubs submit applications for each award.

A.   Membership Renewal Leader: 50 points-1st in your club to renew their membership, 25 points-2nd, 10 points-3rd.

B.    Membership Guest Leader: 10 points for each new guest you have at your club meeting.

C.    Membership Sponsor Leader: 50 points for each new member that joins Toastmasters.

D.    Membership-Developing Leader: 10 points for each CGT position (Club Sponsor, Mentor, Coach or CGT committee member) you complete by June 30, 2021.

E.    Membership Club Sponsor Leader: 100 points for each new club you start and charter.

Contact D49 CGD Gerald Toyomura, DTM for more information at [email protected]

“Felicidades” Congratulations to our new Spanish English Bilingual Toastmasters Club No. 7875193!

Congratulations to Alicia Curtis, DTM, and Rose Kirland, DTM for starting District 49’s 4th new club this year!  Muy Buena!

We Build New Clubs… Help Build a New Prospective Club!

Hawaii Community Association Toastmaster Club (Real Estate Agents and Property Managers)
Interested:  Contact Anastasia at [email protected]

Forever Achievers Toastmasters Club (CHARTERED 1/30/21!) (Multi-level Sales group)
Interested:  Contact Rhodora at [email protected]

Hawaii Comedy Central Toastmasters Club (CHARTERED 1/14/21!)
Interested:  Contact Gloria at [email protected]

Parliamentarian Club
Interested:  Contact Sepi at [email protected]

Speak For A Change Environmental Club
Interested:  Contact Matt Geyer at [email protected]

Military On-Line Club
Interested:  Contact Mike Aviles at [email protected]

BNI Business Club
Interested:  Contact Caron Lau at [email protected]

Walmart Pacific NW Toastmasters (CHARTERED 1/19/21!)
Closed Corporate Club

Spanish English Bilingual Toastmasters Club No. 7875193!
Interested:  Contact Alicia Curtis at [email protected]

Start and/or join a new club now with the Club and New member fees waived!  See what you can do!  Develop your skills!

Thank you for all you do for Toastmasters and Building a Better You!



Dear Toastmasters Ohana,

In just a few weeks, we will have the most anticipated event of the Toastmasters year – the District 49 Conference. Our District Director, Sepiuta Holakeituai, set the conference theme as Navigating Your Voyage. Please check the schedule and register for separate conference events here. The event's highlight is the virtual visit of the Toastmasters International President Richard E. Peck, DTM, who will exclusively participate at two separate events organized by our district. This is a great honor for us as well as a unique opportunity to submit questions and share the room with the International President. Don’t let it slip.

Slava Slavik, CC, PM5, PI4, Public Relations Manager
[email protected]
office: 808-600-3833, cell: 404-313-1731

District 49 Throwback – Primo Castro

This month, we are bringing a winning speech from the 2014 District 49 Humorous Speech contest by Primo Castro. The name of the speech is the Roar of the Lion. It is about a young man finding his way in the nightclubs in the 1970s in Hawaii. Then he met the Lion King of Waikiki (Greg Ching), a legend among the women of Hawaii. He learned his craft and became the greatest hunter of ladies of all time! Enjoy!

D49 Hawaii 2014 Winning Humorous Speech, 1st Place, Primo Castro


This Book Could Be Yours!

By popular demand, the newsletter promotion incentive - a book giveaway - is back! This time, to get your name into the drawing basket, just email your first and last name to [email protected]. All emails received by the end of April will qualify for the drawing.

One lucky, randomly selected winner will get by mail book Heart of a Toastmaster by Sheryl Roush, a guest speaker last month at Hawaii Speaker's Bureau.

From a book review by F.J. Smith on Amazon: "Fear of speaking in public is very common. In fact, some surveys show it to be the most common fear. The good news is that there is a readily available, effective, and even low-cost way to reduce that fear: Toastmasters International. This book is a collection of short essays by and about people who have overcome their fears by joining Toastmasters..."

Member of the Month for March 2021 – Brandon Elefante

Member of the Month for March 2021, is Brandon Elefante, DTM, from Paradise Hawaii club.

Please learn more about Brandon’s Toastmasters journey – you’ll find many takeaways – about continuously improving, goal setting, determination, delicate time management, and service to others.

Credit: Aaron Robbie for the interview with Brandon and an excellent article.

Why City Councilmember Brandon Elefante Made Time for 4 Toastmasters Speeches a Week


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